Think you have a photographic memory? Try this test

Think you have a photographic memory? Try this test
Puzzle claims to prove if one has eidetic memory.
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If you often pride yourself on your ability to memorise visual information better than others, a puzzle now guarantees to prove it for you.

This puzzle is part of a photograpraphic memory test created for Playbuzz, and according to the site, only one per cent of the world's population will pass the test.

When taken, the puzzle claims to help prove if you have photographic memory, although it is more precise to say it tests eiditic memory - the ability to recall images in great detail after only a short exposure to them.

The test simply requires you to look at a random pattern of red and blue dots and memorise the picture before repeating the process on a second set of blue and red dots. 

Once you feel you have memorised the second image, you will need to try and join the two images together in your mind to see if the red dots form a letter.


Believing one has a "photographic memory" might be a misconception as The Daily Mail accounted that this term is something that has never been proven. Furthermore, eidetic memory seldom exists in adults.

Although between two and 10 per cent of youngsters are said to be able to recall visual information better due to their ability to absorb details quickly, if not nurtured, this ability fades by the age of six.

Famous people like Leonardo Da Vinci are commonly believed to have had a photographic memory.

However, it is more accurate to describe his abilities as eidetic as he could draw a detailed portrait from memory after a single recollection.

So, if you took the test and are wondering if you fall under the special one per cent, the correct answer to the puzzle is the letter "G".

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