“He Proposed 5 Days After We Met!”


NURREHAN KHAIRUDIN, 29, administrative clerk, and MUHAMMAD ALLIF, 32, security enforcer, married for seven months, with a baby on the way.

Allif and Nurrehan's relationship has been marked by constant banter from the start. So when Allif proposed to Nurrehan over Whatsapp - just five days after they met - she thought he was joking.

The duo, who were contestants in Stomp's Valentine's Day Love Story Contest 2015, first met on Facebook in February last year when Nurrehan accepted Allif's friend request. "I figured there was no harm in chatting since we had mutual friends," she recalls. Things escalated after that. They met up the next day and chatted for hours. "It was weird that we hit it off almost instantly," recalls Nurrehan. "He was practically a stranger! I dismissed any romantic possibility, especially since I had just come out of a four-year on-off relationship."

Still, Cupid had other plans. Over the next few days, they texted each other constantly and feelings developed. Among other things, Nurrehan discovered that Allif enjoyed football and spending time with his family - a wholesome guy overall. She even began to wonder if he might be husband material.

The answer was about to present itself sooner than she expected. After just three meet-ups in five days, Allif sent Nurrehan a message on Whatsapp, asking her how she would react if someone proposed to her. She was taken off guard, and asked if that someone was him. His reply? "Why not?"

Allif explains that he was trying to suss out her response and was, in fact, planning to propose to her in person. "Compared with my three exes, she made me feel a lot more comfortable about sharing things about myself," he says.

Nurrehan replied with a "Yes". A risky and impetuous decision? Nurrehan firmly disagrees. She says she was convinced by how sensitive he was to her needs and how he was able to get along with her family and accept the fact that she had a nine-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. Most importantly, the relationship "felt right".

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