1 in 5 Singaporeans lie to get time off work: Survey

PHOTO: 1 in 5 Singaporeans lie to get time off work: Survey

SINGAPORE - In a recent survey by travel website Skyscanner, one in five Singaporeans admitted to lying to get time off work.

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Here are Skyscanner's findings:

A survey by leading global travel search site Skyscanner has found that one in ten Singaporeans have lied to their boss to secure their vacation by claiming their holiday was already booked, while a further 9 per cent admit they have called in sick to work in order to get time off.

The survey of 1,000 Singaporeans also found that nearly half (45 per cent) booked their time off over six months in advance to make sure their preferred dates were secured.

According to research* from September 2013, Singapore has the longest working hours in the world, and the new survey results from Skyscanner shows that some employees admit to using crafty tactics to secure that all-important time off from their jobs. 6 per cent of respondents admitted pretending a family member was sick while 4 per cent said they had paid or bribed a colleague.

Imaginary love was in the air for 4 per cent of workers who admitted that they pretended to their employer that they needed time off to take a honeymoon.

Skyscanner Singapore Marketing Manager Ira Noviani said: "It's clear that many employees find themselves going head-to-head to book that coveted time off work; and with the end of the year holidays now approaching, many have admitted they will go to extreme lengths to do so."

Lengths Singaporeans go to ensure holiday time off is approved**

1. Book six months in advance - 45 per cent

2. Lie to their boss and say the holiday was already booked - 10 per cent

3. Called into work sick - 9 per cent

4. Pretended a family member was sick - 6 per cent

5. Pretended it was for honeymoon - 4 per cent

6. Paid/bribed a colleague - 4 per cent

7. None of the above - 39 per cent