10 holiday destinations with the biggest drop in flight prices

If you are not sure where your year-end holiday should be, here are 10 destinations which have seen the biggest airfare price drop as compared to last year.

Travel research company Hopper predicted that holiday flight prices will be cheaper this year than the year before, and they look set to drop all the way through to January 2016.

Hopper also advised that if you book smart and avoid last-minute travels, your travel budget won't be taken up by the usually huge cost of an air ticket.

Travel search engine Kayak's team of data specialists and travel experts on its Holiday Travel Hacker site have pulled together destinations with the biggest drop in median airfares this holiday season as compared to the previous year.

Home to shrines, castles and even Disney theme parks, Tokyo is one of those travel destinations that tourists keep going back to.

With the median airfare being around 24 per cent cheaper than last year, it is no surprise many are flocking to the Japanese capital to savour all its attractions and offerings.

Adventurous Singaporean travellers who dream of travelling half-way around the world to destinations in South American can finally stop dreaming and start planning, with a drop in flight prices.

Travellers keen on Rio de Janeiro can enjoy around 26 per cent savings in airfares as compared to last year. If you visit during the year-end, you get another bonus - perfect weather as it will be summer time.

Not all the cities listed in Kayak's list may be budget-friendly, but with the potential savings to be made in the flight tickets, it might be the right time to finally visit these dream destinations.