10 Hong Kong dim sum restaurants who have earned their reputations

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Hungry yet? Well, we sure hope you are because you're in for a treat. Skyscanner has 10 amazing Hong Kong dim sum restaurants for you to try. Oh, and these restaurants? Believe us when we say that they have definitely earned their reputation.

1. Sun Tung Lok

Founded in 1969, Sun Tung Lok is the first non-hotel eatery in Hong Kong to receive three Michelin stars. Its dim sum creations strike a balance between traditional and innovative. While it is slightly on the expensive side, the restaurant's good service and reasonable price point make it worth the trip. The food is tastefully understated, and customers can't get enough of the two-tiered Royal Dessert Platter and other local classics like the water chestnut cake.

2. Luk Yu Tea House

One of the oldest and most reputable tea houses in Hong Kong, Luk Yu first opened in 1933 and is still going strong today in its Central location. Customers rave about the Flaky BBQ Pork Biscuit, and though Luk Yu is a bit more expensive than some other options in town, it provides a traditional push cart dining experience that's harder and harder to come by these days. Those with an eye for design will enjoy the art deco ambience with wooden booths and stained glass windows.

3. One Harbour Road

Hong Kong's Grand Hyatt Hotel is the home of this fantastic dim sum restaurant. Set on two levels, it offers diners breathtaking views of the city's gleaming waterfront, so be sure to request for window seats when making reservations. The ambience is calm and its classy wooden furnishing is very comfortable. This is dim sum done in the traditional fashion with no foreign influences, a point of pride for the restaurant.

4. Lin Heung Tea House

Since it opened in 1926, this restaurant has been doing its thing in the shabby chic surroundings with curmudgeonly style that it's in. The seats have seen better days, and the ancient clocks on the wall may or may not tell time reliably. Not to worry, it's all part of the experience here at this classic of Hong Kong style dining. The waiters won't take you to your table, but the prices are great and the food kicks butt. Don't miss the traditional tea pour while you're eating.

5. DimDimSum Dim Sum Speciality Store

If you didn't know anything about this place, you might just pass by it on the street without even noticing it. This unremarkable looking little dim sum shop in Kowloon mixes classics with house specials to provides high quality food at a very nice price. It's a fairly simple recipe for success: reduce the price and maintain the taste.

6. Tin Lung Heen

This venue is popular for three simple reasons: the elegant setting, the spectacular views, and of course the fantastic dim sum. Located on level 102 of the Ritz Carlton, this renowned eatery offers innovative modern interpretations of traditional dim sum, though purists will find dishes they love as well. It's a premium eatery, featuring plenty of gold, glitter, and glamour, along with good formal service, so you'll have to book early if you want to get a seat. You'll easily see how they earned their two Michelin stars. Scallop and large prawn siu mai is their signature dumpling.

7. Saam Hui Yaat

Truly a local experience, this downtown eatery caters to locals who love the dumplings. The restaurant opens at 3am, and the dim sum will be sold out by 4pm. If you don't speak Cantonese, you may have a little trouble communicating with the staff, so be prepared to use sign language or bring a list of the treats you have to try. It's slightly 'ghetto', but its old-school soul makes it so tasty. Squeeze on in and get a taste of what made Hong Kong in the 60s so legendary.

8. San Hing

One for the early risers, San Hing opens at 3am and is a popular morning spot for retirees. By daybreak, you'll see retirees hanging out. This place gets packed, so you should be ready to share tables. No menus; scan the walls for pictures and decide what you want. It's also a good option for late-night post-drink snacks. The deep-fried milk is one of their signature desserts.

9. Fook Lam Moon

Located centrally in Wan Chai and adjacent to the commercial districts, Fook Lam Moon has earned one Michelin star for its food. Dubbed the "Cafeteria for the wealthy," it has become one of Hong Kong's most iconic venues, frequented by wealthy businessmen and even the occasional movie star. The menu has diverse options guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

10. Tim Ho Wan, of course

This famous name always offers high quality food at reasonable prices, and the Michelin folks have awarded them with a star. Known as dim sum specialists, this world famous hole-in-the-wall is in fact the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world, offering world class food at street prices. Where else can you spend an average of S$10 per person for an entire table of dim sum treats? The Polo Char Siew Bao is what really helped them bring home the gold.

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