10 interesting alcohol facts we bet you didn't know!

The year 2016 is just a day away! As we bid adieu to the year 2015 and raise a toast to the New Year, we bring to you few interesting facts about alcohol.

Although controversial in nature, alcohol is a widely-consumed drink globally. Each country has their own favourite beverage, legal drinking age and rules to abide by. Did you know that the word "toast" meaning good health, originated in ancient Rome and a piece of toasted bread was literally dropped into wine. Russian adults drank 20 litres of vodka per year on average, while the average Briton drank about three litres of spirits.

We bet you didn't know many on this list! Read on for more fun facts -

1. Did you know: Gin and tonic originated in British colonial India when the British officers in India in the early 19th century took to adding a mixture of water, sugar, lime and gin to the medicinal quinine in order to make the drink more palatable. Quinine tonic was medicine to prevent and treat Malaria.


2. The original Playboy Bunnies, the waitresses at the Playboy club, were required to be able to identify 143 brands of liquor and how to make 20 different cocktails as part of their job requirements.


3. Alcohol is considered to be a performance-enhancing drug in professional shooting. Shooters are known to drink alcohol to relax themselves and slow their heart rate to give them an edge.

4. The strongest beer in the world is Snake Venom brewed in Scotland with alcohol per cent of 67.5 per cent. It is made with smoke peat malt along with Champagne and ale yeast.


5. After Germany surrendered in WWII, everyone in Moscow partied until the entire city actually ran out of vodka.


6. It takes 6 seconds for brain cells to react to alcohol. Alcohol is not digested but gets absorbed directly in the blood stream. The reason why it is healthy to consume a glass of water between your drinks.


7. A muscular person has a higher alcohol tolerance than someone with more body fat. Water-rich muscle tissues absorb alcohol more effectively, preventing it from reaching the brain. A recent study also suggested that people with blue eyes have higher alcohol tolerance.


8. People tend to drink slowly when alcohol is served in straight sided glasses than when it is served in curved glasses, a recent study suggests.

9. Higher your alcohol consumption, the more attractive you find whoever you happen to be flirting with. This smitten behaviour is called The Beer Goggles Phenomena. Part of the reason people seem more attractive when you're drunk is that alcohol inhibits your ability to recognise asymmetry in a face.

10. Ever wondered how the pear enters a brandy bottle? Actually, the fruit isn't put into the bottle but it grows inside it. When the pear is small, the bottle is affixed to the tree branch, and the pear grows to maturity inside the bottle.

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