10 non-fast-food deliveries in Singapore that you'll fancy

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Seriously, there is nothing like a good ol' food delivery that sends delish food right to your doorstep to cure you of your hunger and let you relax in the knowledge that you don't have to cook up a meal.

Don't get me wrong, I really, really like my Hawaiian pizzas, cheese fries without spring onions and hotcakes, but these usual suspects can be a tad boring if you have the same food delivered all the time, don't you think?

If you, like me, don't mind giving other types of food deliveries a shot, this guide may just be the thing you need to edge you on your quest to become a more adventurous food-loving couch potato!

With so many food options available now, we at GET.com are excited to bring you the 10 non-fast-food deliveries in Singapore that we reckon you'll fancy!

In this list, you'll find anything from salads that health junkies swear by to sinful chicken rice. Now you won't have to complain that there's nothing to eat when you're too lazy to rise from your couch.

1. Rochor Beancurd House

Those who know me would know that I love my desserts more than mains, and if I could, I'd have my desserts first, instead of appetisers.

Anyhow, whether you like traditional silky beancurd or the luscious pudding version, you'll be stoked to know that the famous Rochor Beancurd House does deliveries!

You can have your beancurd - hot or cold - and eat it alongside crispy, fried fritters in the comfort of your own home, isn't that exciting?

They also have smooth soya milk for those who like to chug it all down!

But of course, the catch is that Rochor Beancurd House only provides bulk delivery services and a minimum amount applies, which varies by location!

Website: rochorbeancurdhouse.wix.com/home

Delivery charge: $8++

Delivery hotline: 9734 1562 (You may place your order through WhatsApp, too).

2. Good Food Heals

True to its name, good food can heal our bodies, minds and souls. You won't find sugar-laden desserts or crispy shoestring fries on its menu.

Instead, you'll be flanked with Cultured Superfoods that are essentially incredibly high probiotic and nutritious lacto-fermented fruits and vegetables good enough to eat on their own, or mixed with your regular salads, dishes, and bentos!

These lacto-fermented Cultured Superfoods include Japanese Plum Citrus Tomato, Creamy Golden Cabbage, Beetroot Apple Slaw, Guava Pineapple Relish and Spicy Kimchee that aid in detoxing, enhancing the immune system and boosting digestion, nutrient absorption and the metabolism.

I'm 100 per cent positive that I'd rather eat these delicious health supplements over plasticky capsules of chemicals!

Website: goodfoodheals.org

Delivery charge: $7 flat island-wide (except Tuas, Jurong Island and restricted areas) with a minimum order of $30.

Delivery hours: 10am - 2pm on weekdays (orders have to be made at least three hours in advance!)

3. Spinacas

If you think those ready-to-eat salads displayed on supermarket shelves are nutritious enough, think again.

There's a reason why salad bars that offer a hearty array of fresh vegetables with substantial meat portions are popping up across our tiny island.

Spinacas is one of those that's taken their growing business online to cater to all you busy executives or students out there!

I like how their site's so user-friendly and how we have the option to customise and pick out a regular-sized salad or a petite-sized one, according to our whim!

Go for their BBQ pulled pork salad or handmade chicken patties salad if you're looking for something unique.

Don't forget to provide a drop off point and your mobile number when you order online!

To avoid disappointment, check their site to see if they deliver where you want them to as they seemingly only cover half of Singapore.

Website: spinacas.com

Delivery charge: Free with a minimum order of $30 placed 24-48 hours in advance as delivery slots tend to fill up quickly.

4.The Lawn

Extending from the listing above, The Lawn is yet another salad haunt that affords its patrons a uniquely customisable experience.

I've been to The Lawn twice so far and both times, I left with an exploding tummy. Each humongous serving is filled with tonnes of fresh ingredients and a healthy portion of meat/seafood!

Even though the salads at The Lawn aren't the cheapest, I reckon it still makes a good lunch option for busy office workers on a 'eat-healthy-only' day. Plus, if you fancy olive rice, you can order that instead of greens.

Website: thelawn.com.sg

Delivery charge: Free delivery island-wide. And with an order of $150 or more, you will enjoy 10 per cent off your purchase.

Delivery hours: 11am to 8pm on weekdays

5. Gokul Vegetarian

I've visited the branch at Fortune Centre once with my vegetarian friend who wouldn't stop raving about Gokul Vegetarian!

Well, now I completely understand why. Gokul Vegetarian is the place to dine at if you'd like some honest, humble vegetarian fare.

You cannot imagine how happy I am to learn that Gokul Vegetarian offers a food delivery service!

If you don't already know, Gokul Vegetarian offers mouth-watering, authentic and fusion vegetarian cuisines.

I absolutely loved their crisp, non-greasy, freshly flipped prata the last time I dined there - leaps and bounds better than the pratas you find everywhere else in Singapore!

Gokul Vegetarian has some of the nicest vegetarian food, in my opinion, and it's a good place to start if you'd like to explore vegetarian options.

Website: gokulvegetarianrestaurant.com

Delivery charge: From $3-$9 island-wide, depending on the delivery location, with a minimum order of $30.

Delivery hotline: 6259 5959

Delivery hours: 5pm to 10pm daily

6. Hui Wei

Here's a Chinese-Thai cuisine option from Foodpanda that's gotten pretty stellar reviews from satisfied customers.

In the words of happy customers, they appreciate that the food came "piping hot", "earlier than expected", was "good and not too expensive" and in fact, "very good value for money".

Hui Wei offers an array of prawn, chicken, fish and vegetables dishes alongside noodles, rice and many other dishes from Chinese and Thai cuisine.

Word has it that their tom yum soup and Thai honey chicken are must-tries!

The only thing that seems to be bothering some customers is the fact that the minimum order of $50 may be a bit too much, especially for smaller families who'd like to give Hui Wei a try.

Website: foodpanda.sg/restaurant/s9px/

Delivery charge: Starts at $3 with a minimum order of $50

Delivery hours: 5pm to 10pm daily

7. Boon Tong Kee

I rarely ever eat chicken rice, to be honest, but if I have to name a few that I actually like, it has to be my dad's version or Boon Tong Kee's.

The infamous Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice just doesn't do it for me.

Anyhow, Boon Tong Kee offers fuss-free chicken rice combo sets from $5 onwards for its patrons.

The last time I ate mine (that was delivered to the office), I polished everything in my little bento box of chicken rice off - definitely a feat for a picky eater like me!

They've got options that are way more fanciful and filling if you like, such as the chicken rice combo set with broccoli, a fried fritter, a sweet and sour fish fillet, and a crispy cereal prawn.

Well, you can always eat first and burn those calories after!

Website: boontongkee.com.sg

Delivery charge: $10 or $15 (for Sentosa/Peak Hour from 5:30pm - 8pm), with a minimum order of $100 before prevailing GST and the delivery charge.

Delivery hotline: 9788 1833

Delivery hours: 11.30am to 2pm / 5.30pm to 7pm daily (subject to +/- 15 mins transit time).

8. Golden Pillow 933

You may have bountiful experiences eating curry with bread but have you tried "curry in a loaf" before? I haven't, but I want to because the idea seems too intriguing to pass up.

Their signature dish, the Golden Pillow, was carefully thought to be a pillowy bun enveloping flavourful savoury curry.

Several reviewers online mentioned that they loved the Curry Chicken Golden Pillow though they wished Golden Pillow 933 could be more generous with the curry gravy. Some recommended their chicken wings and prawn balls, too.

Muslim friends will be happy to know that all of Golden Pillow 933's food is Halal-certified.

One reviewer mentioned that she'd requested an urgent delivery, hence her order was delivered within an hour instead of the usual two!

Website: foodpanda.sg/restaurant/s1hl/

Delivery charge: $4 island-wide with a minimum order of $30

Delivery hotline: 6323 8933

Delivery hours: 11am to 10pm daily (do expect longer delivery timing during bad weather and peak hours between 6pm and 9pm).

9. Yum Cha Express

Is there anyone who doesn't like dim sum? These little packages of wonder never fail to excite me each time I get to eat them!

If you fancy some award-winning dim sum and seafood dishes, consider getting Yum Cha Express to deliver food to your doorstep.

I reckon that this service is especially handy for parties and special occasions when you have guests over, because the delivery fee is waived for orders above $120.

Yum Cha Express promises to send your food over fresh and hot, so that's something to look forward to. Well, nobody likes tough, cold dim sum anyway!

Website: yumchaexpress.com.sg

Delivery charge: $12 with a minimum order of $70, although delivery is free for orders above $120. For Jurong Industrial Area and Tuas, a $20 delivery charge applies.

Delivery hotline: 6222 1717

Delivery hours: 9am to 9pm, subject to slot availability.

10. Thai To go

Getting affordable Thai food delivered to you is a breeze with Thai To Go.

They have quite an extensive menu that offers anything Thai from tangy papaya salad, spicy tom yum soups, to even mango sticky rice to round off your Thai food dining experience!

Prices are very reasonable and they even offer milky Thai iced tea! Thai To Go should do the trick to cure your sudden craving for Thai food.

Smaller families or groups shouldn't find it difficult to reach the higher tier of the minimum order.

Delivery time is stated to be about 1 to 1.5 hours, though the last time my friends and I ordered a food delivery at Thai To Go, it took about 2 hours.

They only accept cash payments upon delivery, so get your cash ready!

Website: thaitogo.com.sg

Delivery charge: Flat $3 with a minimum order of $10 - $45, depending on your location.

Delivery hotline: 6396 9696

Delivery hours: 10.30am to 9pm daily (Last order is at 8.45pm).

For those who prefer  to eat out

Not everyone is gifted with the flair to whip up great meals from fresh ingredients, and certainly not everyone has the energy (or time) to step into the kitchen after a long day.

One thing's for sure: we still need to eat.

If you prefer to leave your house to get some fresh air and socialize with your family or friends while enjoying a nice meal, take a look at our list of the 10 cheapest weekend lunch buffets in Singapore.

Or if you're feeling luxurious and are in the mood for a special treat, you might want to swing by one of the 10 most expensive weekend lunch buffets. Bon appetit!

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