10 overrated US tourist attractions - and where to go instead

When we are paying a lot of money to go on a holiday, many of us want to see the best of the best, as recommended by guide books and travel sites.

However, as it turns out, these might not be the best places to go.

Some of these attractions are usually over-crowded and one of the worst things to do on holiday is spent waiting in line for hours just to get into an attraction.

According to a list of overrated tourist attractions on Reddit, travellers share their experiences visiting top destinations and proposed alternatives to avoid all the unpleasantness.

Love Disney World? So do a lot of other people.

Don't get stuck in incredibly long lines, overwhelming crowds and end up having an unpleasant holiday - instead, Reddit users suggest going to Universals Studios Orlando.

The movie and TV-based theme parks have tonness of rides and shows which are just as fun as the Disney theme parks.

Also, the lines are short and the studios have a single-rider lane so every seat is filled up.

Empire State Building is also another popular tourist attraction many people want to see when visiting New York City.

Even though it opens late, the building still gets lines even up till its closing time at 2am.

Reddit users say Top of the Rock - the observatory on top of Rockefeller Center - is a better spot for viewing the Big Apple's majestic views with a shorter waiting line.

From there, tourists will be able to see Central Park and also, the Empire State Building itself. To get an even more stunning view, tourists should head there at dusk or dawn, said Reddit users.