10 quirky restaurants around the world you should try to visit

Food is undoubtedly the main reason why we try out a new eatery. But what about the experience?

This list of 10 quirky restaurants around the world, compiled by TripAdvisor, might get you thinking that dining out is sometimes also about the adventure.

How would you like your food to arrive on a "rollercoaster", made of metal tracks that spiral down from the kitchen? Or, if you're more comfortable with human servers, there's a ninja-themed restaurant where waiters jump out from the shadows to keep you entertained - or alarmed - throughout your meal.

Also among the restaurants highlighted by TripAdvisor are restaurants below the sea and high up in the trees, taking "dining with a view" to another level.

Then there's a place which offers literally no views at all, because diners have to eat from a secret menu in darkness. This concept is based on the idea that your sense of taste is intensified when you can't see what you're eating, hence heightening the flavours of the food. What's more, you'll be guided and served by wait staff comprised mainly of the blind or visually impaired, and 10 per cent of the restaurant's overall profit funds research on visual disabilities.

Check out these and other unusual restaurants with settings that will guarantee an unforgettable culinary experience in the gallery below.