10 tips and tricks for using the oven

We all love indulging in some oven-roasted chicken and baked chocolate brownies or cookies! Yet, we may not be the experts in terms of the best practices and cleaning methods we should adopt when using our ovens! Bosch offers some effective oven tips and tricks!

1. Defrost first

It takes longer and uses about 30 per cent more energy to cook a frozen piece of meat than if it was defrosted.

2. Save on electricity bills

Turning off the oven before the end of the stipulated cooking time and letting the food stand in it for five to 10 minutes will save you around 10 to 25 per cent of your electrical bills.

3. No metals on the oven base

Do not place any grills, baking trays or aluminium foil on the base of the oven as it may result in irreparable demage to the enamel.

4. Close the oven door when cooling

If the door is left even slightly ajar, it may impair the functionality of the control panel and the fronts of the adjacent units over time.

5. Don't use the oven door as a shelf

Avoid resting anything on the open door of the oven.

6. Easy cleaning

Pour rinsing agent into a bowl of water and place in the oven set to 100 degree celsius for an hour. After which, you can easily clean burnt-in stains with a simple swipe of a wet cloth.

7. Water and hot oven don't mix

Never pour water directly into a hot oven as it may result in irreparable damage to the enamel.

8. Clean when cool

To prevent irreversible discolouration of the enamel, always wait until the oven has cooled down before beginning the cleaning process.

9. Keep the door seal clean

A dirty oven seal will lead to malfunctioning door potentially resulting in extensive damage to the control panel.

10. Leave the telescopic rails out of the dishwasher

Even though the shelf rails can be placed in the dishwasher, do remove the telescopic rails. Salt present in the dishwasher may damage the roller bearings of the rails.

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