10 tips to having a work 'spouse'

PHOTO: 10 tips to having a work 'spouse'

SINGAPORE - Is there someone of the opposite sex who you have a close relationship with? Perhaps a shared laugh over a colleague's quirky habits or a common complaint about a supervisor sparked a relationship between the two of you.

He or she could be your work "husband" or "wife".

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But is it healthy to have such a close relationship with a person of the opposite sex when you're already in a steady relationship? Your real husband or wife could feel threatened.

According to a relationship expert who spoke to dating website YourTango, it is normal to build alliances in a work environment. However, it is important to keep the alliance a strictly professional relationship.

If not, this may cause an emotional strain on one's real relationship.

Take a step back and ask yourself: Are you hiding things from your real partner and not sharing details of your life with them?

If yes, this may mean trouble; you could be switching allegiances unwittingly and gradually. This may also mean you want to have a secret back-up plan.

It's best to tell your partner about your work 'spouse', it would be worse if they find out from other sources what's going on at work.

Also, try to adhere to the guidelines which your partner has set down for seeing your work 'spouse', be it lunch appointments only or no drinks together after work. The relationship will work out better in the long run.

Having a confidant at work can be beneficial in the long run as it helps one survive office politics and adds more thinking into the working group. 

But ultimately, it's important to draw a clear boundary where work ends and relationships begin.