11 amazing uses for coffee you didn't know about

Some of us can't get through the day without coffee. What's even more amazing about the powerful drink and its beans is the fact that they're also good for our plants, our hair, and even our pets.

The next time you're left with a bag of coffee grounds that no longer make a good cup, feed them to your plants. Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, which makes them a great fertiliser. The smell of coffee also wards off garden pests that may destroy your plants.

Or, if you don't have plants, use those coffee grounds to soften your hair and to strip off oil and build-up.

Pet owners, take heed - coffee is also great for repelling fleas. For a natural deterrent against those insects, just rub your furry one down with some coffee grounds, or mix them with the shampoo you bathe it in.

Check out the gallery below for more ways on how to use coffee other than for drinking.