12 best burgers in Singapore

Few things are more comforting than a really, really good burger. You know what we're talking about... Thick patties with juicy centres, topped with melted cheese, crispy bacon, delicious mushrooms, caramelised onions, and all other sorts of sinful indulgences sandwiched between two perfect buns. Lucky for you, we're giving you the low-down on the best burger spots on the island!

This article was originally published on burpple.com.

1. Third & Sixth Bistro Bar

Photo by Rachel Xie

For Stupidly Good Burgers

The honest grub at Third and Sixth is satisfying and unpretentious. You get to eat burgers/ wings/ fries with your hands, and lick the sauce off as unglam-ly as you want, noone will judge you here. The Messy Mexican ($14) is the best kind of mess. The beef patty is drenched in an amazeballs chilli con carne (Mexican beef chilli) - you're going to be mopping the plate clean with this one. For those who prefer a classic burger, the No. 36 is the perfect choice. If you find yourself longing for a simple burger after work in a convenient area, this is it.

2. Roadhouse

Photo by Rachel Xie

For Josper-grilled Goodness

Located on Dempsey hill, Roadhouse promises Josper-grilled burger patties and meats with fantastic flavour and that perfect char. If you love bacon, go straight for their Bacon Marinated Burger - a delicious combination of melted gorgonzola, streaky bacon, caramelised onions, garlic mayonnaise, sauteed mushrooms, and of course, a 170g Josper-grilled wagyu beef patty. Complete your all-American meal with a side of cheese or truffle fries! The dim light and satisfying food makes for a great spot for date nights and family meals.

3. Relish By Wild Rocket (Bukit Timah)

Photo by Uncle Oonteng

For Out-of-the-box Flavours

Relish is sort of an oldie-but-goodie, with great value for money. Chef Willin Low really knows how to create unique local twists on the classics. The Wild Rocket Beef Burger ($18.50) features a Sarawak pepper cream and a sun-dried tomato relish that combines to work wonders. Give the Ram-Lee Beef Burger ($21.90) a try if you love the flavours of the iconic Malaysian burger. If having Asian flavours in your burger doesn't appeal to you, go for the Blue Cheese Beef Burger with Rucola, Poached Pear & Walnut Butter ($21.90), it's a superb combination.


4. Two Blur Guys

Photo by gninethree G93

For Affordable Burgers

Inspired by their love of simply good burgers and beer, Two Blur Guys has succeeded in providing exactly that. Go straight for their Prime Beef blurgur ($12.50) - a well-seasoned 100% US pure beef patty topped with a juicy portobello, fresh tomato, gruyere cheese, and homemade truffle mayo. Some might find the burger a little small, but there is nothing you won't mop up on this plate, including the sides of potato salad and a balsamic-dressed salad. They may call themselves Two Blur Guys, but when it comes to making affordable, tasty burgers - they seem to know what they're doing.


Photo by Yilina Leong

For Non-beef Burgers

There aren't many places like Grub, where you're able to satisfy your craving for great fish, chicken or pork burgers. The Crispy Fish Burger ($12) has a satisfying crunch, while the Pork Steak Burger ($13) surprises with tender, sous-vide meat. Can't decide? Go for the Chicken Thigh Burger ($12) with fried enoki mushrooms and kaffir-lime mayo! Because you shouldn't leave without trying their Mentaiko Fries, change the fries that come with your burger to a salad or mash. Perfect for a lighter meal, order these non-beef choices for a nice brunch in the park!

6. Potato Head Folk

Photo by Marilyn L

For Solid Saucy Burgers

Housed in the iconic Tong Ah building, this new kid on the Keong Saik block has been the talk of the town in recent months. The burgers come in beef, chicken, lamb, and vegetarian options, which makes it easy for eating in a group. The Baby Huey is a crowd-pleaser - a 150g beef patty slathered in their 'TOM' sauce and miso mayo. Also good is the Rambo; the lamb is cooked to tender perfection, paired with eggplant pickle & cucumber aioli. Please get a side of the Naughty Fries, hand-cut chips nestled beneath a spicy bearnaise sauce, beef chilli and parmesan. Crazy good!


7. Fatboy's The Burger Bar (Thomson)

Photo by Veronica Phua

For Customizable Burgers

This burger bar has it all. The build-it-yourself concept gives you full control, and allows you to have as much or as little as you desire. Build the burger of your dreams - extra bacon, extra cheese, portobello mushrooms, caramelised onions, fried egg, and wasabi mayo maybe? If you're not in the mood for building your burger, go for The Fat Basterd ($18). Wash it all down with your choice of beer/ cider/ malt milkshake.

8. Burnt Ends

Photo by Rachel Xie

For Pulled Pork Burger

If you haven't yet tried the Pulled Pork Sanger at Burnt Ends, you're missing out. Imagine this: Brioche bun. Cheese. Pickled jalapenos. Red cabbage slaw. Tangy chipotle aioli. Smoky, juicy, tender pork shoulder that's been cooked for 10 hours and lovingly pulled. Brioche bun (again). Sink your teeth into all that and you'll be catapulted to heaven with the combination of textures and flavours. Pure satisfaction. Beware, it can get pretty messy!

9. Suprette

Photo by Candace Ng

For Free Flow Fries

Housed in Kam Leng Hotel along Jalan Besar, Suprette is a cosy restaurant that does great food. There's only one burger here: the Suprette Burger. Hidden beneath a toasted sesame bun is a huge, juicy beef patty with melted gruyere. You can (and should) add trimmings like balsamic onion relish (yes you should), bacon (yes you should), and mushrooms (yes you should). It also comes with a huge portion of free flow fries, but you probably won't need a refill! Note that the burger is $20 at lunch, but $25 at dinner.


10. VeganBurg

Photo by Khaliesah Nahrawi

For the Best Veggie Burgers

Made from soya beans and mushrooms, the patties here do not contain gluten, dairy and eggs. Yes, you are skeptical. You probably think that sounds awful, but the Creamy Shrooms Burger ($7.90) at VeganBurg has successfully convinced many-a-carnivore that vegan burgers can be really, really good. With seaweed fries and spinach pops on the side, you're gonna leave with a full stomach and a guilt-free conscience. Also, it's Halal! Don't be selfish, carnivores, if your vegan friend wants a burger, show them some love and give this a try!

11. db Bistro Moderne

Photo by Jonathan Ooi

For a Decadent Gourmet Burger

Any talk of the best burger in Singapore is bound to bring up db Bistro Moderne. One look at the Original db Burger ($42) and you'll know they mean business. It's a 1.5-inch-thick sirloin patty filled with braised short ribs and foie gras, served on a Parmesan bun. One (hugeass and impossible) bite into the burger and you'll find that the patty is cooked just right, retaining its juices and texture while providing decadence in the form of premium ingedients. Such indulgence is befitting of the most expensive burger in town, save this for a special occasion with your loved ones!

12. Omakase Burger

Photo by August Han

For Soft Buns & Juicy Patties

Arguably one of the best burgers in town, Omakase is known for burgers that people can't get enough of. Seared and seasoned well, the beef patties are topped with a slice of good ol' American cheese, tomato, lettuce, Omakase's secret sauce, and sandwiched betweeen two super soft, pillowy buns. Of all the different fries, go for the Cheese Fries - easily the best of the lot. While the burgers taste fantastic, the soft bun gets soggy. Another gripe is the price, which is pretty steep for its size. But hey, that means you get to eat 2 burgers?