14 tricks to save you time in the morning

PHOTO: 14 tricks to save you time in the morning

Do you need a little more time to get ready for work in the mornings? Many people find themselves hitting the snooze button more than once every morning. When they finally wake up, they realise that they are almost late for work.

14 tips to save time in the mornings

  • So you don't have to prepare it and clean up in the morning.
  • So you don't have to think about what to wear every morning.
  • So you never have to worry about crumpled clothes.
  • If you are planning on hitting the gym in the morning.
  • So you don't have to spend too much time maintaining it
  • So you don't miss out on anything at the last minute
  • Multi-tasking is the key to saving time!
  • Some examples include simplifying your make-up process, use 2-in-1 sunblock-moisturisers and others.
  • Minimise the need to clean and pour your coffee. Using a good coffee machine can save time and lessens the chance of having to clean up after a spillage.
  • Eat something that is filling and easy to eat while you are making your way to the office.
  • Turn off your phone at night and switch it on only when you have left the house so you don't get distracted in the mornings.
  • Have one pouch to store all your essentials like keys, earphones, lip balm etc.
    This will minimise scrambling and save you from having to look for things at the last minute.
  • In case you ever need a formal outfit but cannot find anything at the last minute, having a professional-looking blazer will save your day.

If you have the same problem and cannot seem to get to bed any earlier, a simple change of routine can help you overcome the panic attacks caused by the daily morning rush. After all, things often go wrong when you are in a rush - either you cannot find your keys, or your shirt looks so crumpled that it needs to be ironed.

However, getting ready for work does not have to be so tough. Just by slightly tweaking your habits, you will be able to sneak in more sleep and get ready more effectively.

The key to saving time is to increase efficiency and be well-prepared. Master these simple tricks and take control of the way your mornings unfold every day.