15 best steaks in Singapore

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This list is your answer for days when you just need a glorious piece of perfectly charred, succulent steak. Whatever you're looking for - a casual, affordable option or somewhere swankier to bring your special someone to, we've got you covered.

1. Fat Cow

Photo by Jacq Ong

For premium Japanese cuts

Fat Cow boasts cuts from several parts of Japan, Australia and the US, and what you should really go for is the Japanese Wagyu, which they offer in grades A3, A4 and A5. Depending on your preference, you can choose how you want your steak to be cooked: shabu shabu, sukiyaki, charcoal grilled or teppanyaki. Go for charcoal grilled; they do a nice, smoky sear on the outside while leaving the centre pink, so that you get to enjoy the marbling of the beef. For a more pocket-friendly option, their lunch sets are priced from $26 (includes salad, chawanmushi, miso soup and dessert) with the Fat Cow Donburi ($39, charcoal grilled Wagyu beef, onsen egg and white leek) winning the votes of many.

2. Le Steak By Chef Amri (Jalan Kayu)

Photo by Syiqy Salleh

For super affordable steak

Le Steak by Chef Amri is a family-friendly steakhouse that is well-loved for the superb sirloin steak, as well as grilled chicken and seared salmon - all priced reasonably below $20. Even the desserts like bread pudding or creme brulee are a hit at just under $10. If you're in the Jalan Kayu area, this is the perfect place for dinner with your loved ones. If that's too far, the newest outlet along Mackenzie Road might be a better option.

3. Wildfire Kitchen + Bar

Photo by Michel Lu

For excellent hangar steak

It would be a shame if you overlooked Wildfire's steaks, which are as good as - if not better than - their burgers. The INKA charcoal fired Wagyu Hangar Steak is very pleasing to the palate - extremely flavourful, juicy, tender and beautifully seared on the outside. At $36, you'll get 250g of steak, a side of crisp fries and salad. If you're looking for a casual night out and need to satisfy your steak cravings and enjoy some Japanese craft beers, this is the place to be.

4. Bedrock Bar & Grill

Photo by Alainlicious Eats

For amazing steak in town

This cosy spot tucked in a corner at Somerset is easy to miss, but if you love steak, then you should have heard about it. To kickstart your meal, they serve freshly baked flatbread on the house, served with butter and roasted garlic. Go straight for the Bedrock Pepper Steak ($79), a 300g slab of Angus ribeye that's succulent, flavoursome and tender, and served with a black peppercorn sauce. The steak is, however, good enough on its own. Make sure you don't miss their highly raved about Bedrock Mac n' Cheese ($20), baked with four types of cheese and drizzled with aromatic truffle oil. For a more affordable option, go for their three-course lunch sets ($38 for seafood and poultry, $58 for steaks).

5. The Betterfield

Photo by Julius Lim

For divine ribeye steak

The BetterField is an unassuming cafe that serves some pretty kick-ass food, and the Black Angus Ribeye is one dish that would be a sin to miss, if you love meat. It's very simply done - seasoned with salt and pepper and "pan-seared for an impeccable crust", as tastemaker Rachel Xie puts it - but more than delivers in taste. It's juicy, tender, flavourful and everything you could ever want in a steak. At just $20 for 200g (but also served in portions of 400g and 600g), this steak will definitely sate your carnivorous cravings without burning a hole in your wallet.

6. Burnt Ends

Photo by Rachel Xie

For charcoal-grilled hangar steak

Burnt Ends is famous for their pulled pork burger and sharing plates, but they do steaks equally well. The Onglet ($26/100g) is a very well executed piece of charcoal-grilled hanger steak - charred to perfection, wonderfully tender and packs a punch of flavour along with the accompanying beef jus. The Rump Cap is excellent as well: cooked flawlessly and served with burnt onion sauce and and bone marrow. Also great is the Mayura Cube Roll ($60/100g), that as Tastemaker Veronica Phua puts it, is "buttery to the nth degree" and "expertly grilled with nothing but a sprinkle of sea salt - the epitome of a perfect steak".

7. Steakout

Photo by Marshall Too

For value-for-money steak

Located just beside the SMU Administration building in town, this little steakhouse is a go-to for inexpensive steaks. With beef steaks priced from $14.90 and chicken steaks from just $8.90 (with two sides), it is no doubt that it has become a popular place for university students and the working crowd. Signatures include the specialty NZ Angus Ribeye (from $19.90 for a 200g cut with two complimentary sides) and the Teriyaki Chicken Steak ($8.90). They come in big portions, and there's no GST or service charge!

8. CUT by Wolfgang Puck

Photo by Seth Lui

For swanky, upscale steak

CUT by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck is a swanky American steakhouse located in Marina Bay Sands. Expect the usual cuts: sirloin, rib-eye, filet mignon. All steaks are dry rubbed, grilled over hard wood and charcoal, then finished under a 1200ºF (about 650ºC) broiler. If you're with a group, order the 990g Porterhouse Australian Angus ($175). Charred to give a slightly caramelised exterior, done medium/medium rare and ridiculously juicy and tender, this one's for meat lovers. The steaks here do not come with sides, so you can order some to share, like the buttery smooth Yukon Gold Potato Puree ($18) and the Creamed Spinach with Fried Egg ($18).

9. Wooloomooloo Steakhouse

Photo by Gavin Chan

For Tomahawk steak and beef Wellington

Located in Swissotel The Stamford, Wooloomooloo boasts a sexy, classy interior with a stunning view. This steakhouse originates from Hong Kong and serves up excellent, quality cuts of meat such as Australian Black Angus and USDA Prime beef. Meat lovers should go for the Australian Black Angus Tomahawk ($155), a whole rib steak which serves two ravenous carnivores. The Beef Wellington ($74) is not to be missed either - think perfectly cooked filet mignon with mushroom duxelle, wrapped in Parma ham and topped with foie gras all encased in a buttery puff pastry served with Madeira sauce. The food here comes with a slightly steep price tag, but it's easy to justify with the great view and even better steak.

10. Les Bouchons Rive Gauche

Photo by Shurong Lo

For steak and frites

Les Bouchons could probably serve as the benchmark for good steak frites in Singapore. The signature dish at this Parisian steakhouse is the Grilled Ribeye Steak, served with herb butter, free-flow duck fat fries and a side of salad. The steak is cooked perfectly medium rare, juicy and well-seasoned, and the fragrant herb butter, while not necessary, lends a little bit of decadence to the dish. The fries are twice-cooked, making them extra crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside - absolutely addictive.

11. New Ubin Seafood

Photo by Peter Wong

For simple and good Angus steak

Expect a no-frills and unpretentious platter of juicy Angus steak at this zi char place, complete with wedges, caramelised onions and beef fried rice (rice fried in beef fat). Seasoned with just salt and pepper, this is perfectly cooked to mouth-watering succulence and perfection - what's not to love? At $12 per 100g, it's not hard to see why this is a must-order when you head to New Ubin Seafood.


Photo by Keropok Man

For parrilla-grilled steak

SKIRT is a chic steakhouse at W Singapore that prides itself on sourcing only the finest sustainable ingredients and preparing them with simple yet skilful techniques, including grilling their meats on a parrilla grill. Meats here are sourced from Ireland, US and Australia, mostly dry-aged, and the selection is extensive. For something a little different, start off with the Charcuterie Plate. Most popular here is the Signature Blackmore Wagyu Skirt Steak (note that this is not dry-aged). It's juicy and full of umami and beefy flavours, but can get slightly rich due to the fat content. Otherwise, go for the Donald Russell Irish cut - dry aged, exceedingly tender and flavour packed.

13. Morton's The Steakhouse

Photo by Seth Lui

For classic American steak

Morton's is a fine dining establishment that ranks high up in the best places to go for a darn good steak in Singapore. The Center Cut Prime Rib-eye is the steak you'll want to go for, for a slightly charred, caramelised exterior that gives way to a juicy centre with a good amount of marbling, flavour and texture. If you prefer something that's leaner, then the Center Cut Filet Mignon is a better option. However, due to the lack of fat, you might find it less flavourful than the ribeye. Leave stomach space for their Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake, a rich, indulgent molten lava cake that is worth every calorie.

14. Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse

Photo by BiteClub SG

For spot-on Tuscan steak

As its name suggests, this Italian steakhouse specialises in Florentine steak. The signature Tuscan Bistecca alla Fiorentina ($178, steak Florentine) weighs a whopping 1.1kg and can easily feed three to four. After a simple marination in olive oil and an herby salt rub, the thick slab of bone-in Australian F1 Wagyu is cooked over a high temperature wood-fired grill resulting in a charred crust to seal in all the juicy, beefy goodness. With a marbling score of 6+, the fat to meat ratio is spot on for an epic thick cut steak experience.

15. Lawry's The Prime Rib Singapore

Photo by belle ong

For prime rib steak

Having been around since 1999, Lawry's is a classy, well-established steakhouse located in Mandarin Gallery. And yes, this is a place you'll want to bring someone you want to impress. Go for the extremely tender Roasted Prime Ribs, their signature dish, served with Yorkshire pudding and mashed potatoes. It comes in several portion sizes (ranging from 160-450g), depending on how hearty your appetite is. For a sweet finale, go for the Crepe Suzette; prepared tableside, the sweet, buttery, citrusy and slightly boozy treat is guaranteed to tickle your taste buds!