$150 for 5 durians? Beware of Malaysian door-to-door durian sellers

Lately, there has been talk on scammers going from door-to-door at HDB blocks to sell 'top-grade' durians at exorbitant prices.

Stomp contributor Haziq was one of those residents who had such an encounter.

Yesterday (Dec 7), the Stomp contributor was in his HDB home at Choa Chu Kang district, near Choa Chu Kang stadium.

A man claiming to be a durian seller from Malaysia appeared at his doorstep. He started to promote his 'delicious and top grade durians'.

After some time, the Stomp contributor tried asking for the price of the durians, but the seller strangely seemed to avoid his questioning.

When the Stomp contributor finally agreed to take a look at the durians, the man went to somewhere else to cut up the durians, and returned with five for the Stomp contributor to taste.

It was then when the seller revealed that the durians are priced at $150 for five.

Shocked, the Stomp contributor immediately refused the deal and rejected the seller's offer.

However, according to the Stomp contributor, the seller kept on persuading and begging him to buy the durians.

It was said that the seller even tried to get the Stomp contributor's dad involved in the persuasion.

Eventually, the seller offered three durians at the price of $88.

Not wanting any more trouble, the Stomp contributor reluctantly agreed.

The Stomp contributor said, in an email:

"I just want to remind people, that if a durian seller comes to your unit and want to sell durians, ask for the price first."

"If they continue to dodge that question or try to make it hard to understand the price, refuse the deal."

"You are honestly better off buying the durians from a pasar malam."

"Beware of this scam as it is still happening, and may even happen to you!"

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