2 decades of DreamWorks animated films to be displayed at ArtScience Museum

Fans of animated films such as Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon can look forward to watching their favourite characters come to life at the ArtScience museum next month.

For the first time in Asia, two decades of DreamWorks Animation's greatest works will be on show at the Museum from June 13.

DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition will feature 31 films and over 400 displays, allowing visitors to learn how these animation works make the transition from mere sketches to big-screen debuts.

Curated by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation, the Exhibition will make the ArtScience Museum its first stop during its five-year international tour. It will also feature exclusive concept drawings as well as behind-the-scenes footage of the creative process.

Executive Director of ArtScience Museum Honor Harger said: "At ArtScience Museum, we are excited to share the artistic processes and technical ingenuity that go into creating the iconic characters and worlds at the heart of these films. The immersive and interactive environment of this striking new exhibition is an ideal way to experience animation classics which cut through age and cultural barriers and connect with everyone."

There will also be storyboards and reconstructions of DreamWorks' real-life workspaces on display.

At the museum exhibition, visitors will be able to view three main galleries: Character, Story and World.

The Character section unveils the evolution of DreamWorks' various characters such as Kung Fu Panda's Po, Shrek and even the gang from Madagascar.

The Story gallery will present to visitors a massive digital storyboard that shows filmmaker Conrad Vernon perform his pitch for the infamous 'Interrogating Gingy' scene in Shrek.

Finally at the World section, the Exhibition's largest section, visitors will get to see the work of directors, production designers and concept artists. This section also features the Exhibition's highlight, Dragon Flight: A Dragon's-Eye View of Berk, a 180-degree projection that offers visitors a panoramic dragon ride as the Isle of Berk builds around them.

DreamWorks Animation's Co-Presidents of Feature Animation Bonnie Arnold and Mireille Soria said in a joint statement: "We are very proud of this exhibition created in partnership with ACMI and are excited for families behind-the-scenes look into the amazing process of animation."

Tickets to DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition will go on sale from May 22 onwards.

Visit www.marinabaysands.com/ArtScienceMuseum for more information.