3 tips to know about storing food in your freezer

This is how you get your meats, seafood, fruits and even bread to last longer.

1. Meats and seafood: Keep already frozen packs in the original packaging and freeze them quickly when you get home. Chilled or fresh foods are best stored vacuum packed. You can buy vacuum packers at specialty stores like Sia Huat on Temple Street. Or cover with cling wrap and store in an airtight container. If packing in freezer bags, force all the air out of the bags before zipping. Never freeze meat that is labelled "thawed for your convenience". Re-freezing it can cause it to spoil or dry out.

2 .Fruits: If you have bananas or strawberries that will spoil before you can eat them, pop them into a bag or container and freeze - they make yummy smoothies.

3. Bread: Leftover bread that has not expired can also be packed and frozen, then toasted before eating.

Tip: Freezing food in airtight bags or containers prevents freezer burn, which affects taste and flavour.

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