4 in 5 consider change of job in next 12 months

PHOTO: 4 in 5 consider change of job in next 12 months

SINGAPORE - Four in five employees in Singapore are considering a move in the next 12 months, with career progression being the biggest reason they would consider doing so.

This is in spite of higher anxiety about job security compared to a year ago, a survey by Berkley Recruitment Group showed.

The recruitment firm for the pharmaceutical and life sciences, engineering, IT and commercial sectors surveyed over 2,300 candidates in its database in the period Aug 20-29.

It has been conducting the survey twice a year since 2004.

In the past one year, the percentage of respondents considering a job move within 12 months has risen from 69 per cent to 79 per cent.

This compares with the global average of 75 per cent.

"The job market has been quite sluggish over the last six months, and people who maybe would have been considering a move have sat tight," said Berkley Recruitment Group Asia CEO Steve Greenwood.

"As the end of the year approaches, individuals are considering their options for next year and, to this end, organising themselves for job moves."

Career progression ranked as the top reason for changing jobs - as it has for the past eight years - for 44 per cent of the respondents.

Financial incentives was the next most common reason, given by 33 per cent of respondents.

This is because of the dynamic labour market in Singapore, said Mr Greenwood.

"Although the job market tightens from time to time, there are plenty of opportunities for progression for professionals and executives. Singaporeans are more inclined to move if they see their company is not going forward or progression is being limited."

But at the same time, two in five respondents said they were more worried about their jobs now than they were a year ago.

This was due to the pessimistic economic outlook as a result of the crises in Europe and the US, leading to MNCs being more cautious about hiring.

Despite these job security concerns, however, "respondents who would have moved in the past six months or so but held off are now ready to enter the market", Mr Greenwood said, though he added that they would take their time to make a decision.