4 problems that money can solve

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Can money really solve your problems in Singapore? There is this saying that says: "anything that money can solve is not a problem" - and most of the time it does ring true.

Having said that, it doesn't mean that all problems can be solved with money.

We at GET.com have put together 4 problems that you might have that can actually be solved with money. If you have a lack of money, hopefully this could give you some form of motivation to earn or save more money. Because, if some people go out of their way to earn money to solve these 4 problems, there should be no reason why you shouldn't too.

4 Problems You May Have That Money Can Solve

1. You Don't Like The Way You Look

This might be a little unorthodox to say but I think that there really is nothing wrong with going for plastic surgery. If someone doesn't like the way they look, they should be able to do what they want to do about it.

The truth is, if you don't like the way your nose looks and you have the money to go for a nose job, I say go for it.

As long as you're sure of yourself, a little tweak is not going to make you a bad person.

Plus, cosmetic surgery doesn't exist just for vanity sake.

It's also for people who suffer severe burns or injuries to allow them to feel more comfortable with themselves and in their own skin.

2. You Don't Have Many Friends

Maybe if this was ten years ago, you would probably think I'm crazy for suggesting this.

But legitimately though, if you have money you can actually buy friends. Whether it's a workout buddy or someone to go out with, you can apparently buy some company now through websites like Pally Asia.

Recently, the news reported that a groom hired a random guy from Pally Asia to be his groomsman, which turned out to be a great idea after because everyone at the wedding loved him.

If you can buy someone to play pretend to be your groomsman, you can pretty much ask them to be anything.

3. You Can't Afford Higher Education

Everyone strives to achieve some form of higher education and for some of us, paying the hefty school fees isn't a problem.

For those of us who can't afford it though, higher education can seem like a big problem that holds people back from bettering themselves.

Most of us who can't afford to pay for higher education on our own have turned to education loans and are now in debt.

If you can somehow acquire large sums of money right now, wouldn't that make your life a lot easier?

4. Depending On Other People

I mean this in the financial sense where you might still be in school, or if you have no luck in finding a job and you're still dependant on your parents or guardians to provide for you.

While having someone to provide for you is great, it also robs you of your independence and somewhat holds you back from what you want to do.

For example in Singapore, the reason why most of us are still living with our parents whether we're married or single, is because we can't afford to buy a house of our own.

Yes of course, if you're married you can apply for an HDB flat, but as long as you still live under your parents' roof, you're going by their rules.

If you had the money to buy a private property, you would at least have the chance to be independent and start a life on your own.

What's Next?

Maybe I'm just going on a rant about how little money I have, but most of us will agree that if we had more money, there are a lot of ways that our lives would be much easier.

That doesn't mean that you should live your life aspiring to be a millionaire, because the truth is, some of us will never be millionaires and that's okay.

At the end of the day the best things in life are those that money can't buy. So count your blessings, and live within your means, who says you need to be rich to be happy?

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