4 Taiwan French restaurants to join French cuisine event

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Four Taiwan restaurants will be joining a worldwide French cuisine event to be launched later this month to celebrate the nation's famous gastronomy, France's representative office in Taipei said yesterday.

Making the announcement during a press conference in Taipei, Olivier Richard, director of the Representative Office of France in Taipei, said the global event to be held on March 19 will involve a total of 1,300 French restaurants in 150 countries jointly celebrating French cuisine.

"Taiwan is a powerhouse for Asian food and we are glad that French restaurants in Taiwan will be joining the event," Richard said.

"This will be a perfect chance for cuisine cultures from Taiwan and France to meet," he added.

Four Taiwan restaurants will be joining the event.

They are: A Table, in Tainan; Le Mout, in Taichung; Paris 1930, of the Landis Taipei; and STAY in Taipei 101, according to Richard.

The event entitled "Gout de," or "Good France" is being launched by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and famous chef Alain Ducasse.

Dinners are to be served simultaneously in participating restaurants on March 19 to honour the merits of French cuisine.

A committee of international chefs, led by Ducasse, selected the restaurants that will participate in the event.