44 food packaging and labelling 'fails'

When it comes to food, most of us might be particular about how our food is made. What catches our eye, first of all, is the packaging of the food.

You might not know that magazine advertisers have just three seconds to appeal to you, according to health website Psychology Today. For food, it is the same thing.

According to food website Small Food Business, food advertisers have only three seconds or less to attract you to buy their products. Who then, is doing all that fast talking?

The answer? The food packaging design is the trick that will attract you to buy the product, according to Small Food Business.

Aside from food packaging and design, misspellings that are funny could also attract or repel buyers.

Misspellings are not uncommon, even the word "misspell" is very frequently spelled wrongly.

In some cases, misspellings turn out to be funny while in other cases, they get people into trouble. For example, food packaging that has suggestive meanings could cost people their jobs.

Entertainment websites Pulptastic and Bored Panda have given some examples of packaging and labelling of food products that have gone wrong.

Intentional or unintentional, these mistakes are hilarious yet provocative.

Click on the gallery below to see how ridiculously funny these food packages can get. Let's hope that the 'Roasted Monkey Nuts' from China are not what we think they are.

After all, just like books, we should not judge food by its cover.