5 'hunkles' who show that charisma and sex appeal do not fade with age

When it comes to proving that being young is overrated and age is just a number, Chinese model Wang Deshun is the perfect example.

The 80-year-old made international headlines last year when he flaunted his toned pectorals and ramrod straight back - the result of daily swims and exercise - on the runway at China Fashion Week in Beijing.

Wang, a grandfather of one, broke stereotypes of how a grandparent or older person should look like or behave and is determined to keep his body and mind engaged through exercise, reading books and keeping up with the news.

Several other mature actors and models called "hunkles" also prove that sex appeal does not necessarily fade after a certain age.

According to Urban Dictionary, a hunkle is an uncle who is particularly good-looking.

Take Singapore television's sexiest hunkle, actor Zheng Geping, for example.

The 52-year-old father of two posted a picture of his Men's Health cover this month on his Instagram account, showing off a chiselled body that would put many younger men to shame.

Being a hunkle, however, is not just about abs and pecs. It is also about charisma, which the following hunkles have in chunks.


Photo: The Straits Times


The Hong Kong actor, who has a role in next month's Star Wars movie Rogue One, has years of martial arts to thank for looking at least a decade younger.

The boyish-looking father of two recently posted a photo of himself on Instagram flexing his biceps and triceps, preparing for an unnamed, upcoming movie under his production company Bullet Films.


Photo: Zheng Geping

The local actor earned his hunk status in 2011 when he buffed up for his role in the television series Kampong Ties, in which the then 47-year-old acted as a 28-year-old Bruce Lee, the legendary martial artist.

In 2013, he released his book Star Fitness, which chronicles his fitness and diet regime.


Photo: Reuters

The charismatic Japanese actor made his acting debut 37 years ago and looks even more handsome now, than when he was 20 years old. With his brooding eyes, sharp features and towering 1.84m frame, the married father of two is the Clint Eastwood of the East.


Photo: Etude House

The masculine American actor based in South Korea stole hearts not only as the ill-fated hero in this year's South Korean zombie hit Train To Busan, but also as an adorable store assistant in a commercial for South Korean cosmetic brand Etude House.

The pastel pink apron that he wore - complete with white polka dots - was a lovable contrast to his usual tough muscle-man persona.


Photo: Twentieth Century Fox


The 1.88m-tall Australian actor, who has a reputation as an all-round nice guy in Hollywood, comes with a generous helping of hunkiness.

The married father of two is incredibly versatile too: he fights like a beast as Wolverine in superhero action franchise X-Men, but also tap dances and sings his heart out in Broadway musicals.

This article was first published on Nov 17, 2016.
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