5 tips to making awesome cocktails

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With fancy cocktail bars opening up in quay locations, people's wallets are struggling to keep up with the demands of their thirsts. Why not make some fancy cocktails of your own in the comfort of your own home? Skyscanner has a few tips for you to craft the tastiest cocktails from behind your own personal bar.

1. Great big fancy ice cubes

We love experimenting with different shapes and sizes and we especially love the spherical silicone moulds from Muji. Ice spheres can make your drinks look more impressive and more importantly, they melt slower than boring ordinary cubes, so your drinks don't become watered down.

2. Quality

Indulge in quality liquor. There is no way around this. The formula is simple: good cocktails start from good basic ingredients. You don't have to fill up your liquor cabinet, but start out with one or two premium selections. For example, pick up a nice bottle of Hendrick's Gin, or a bit of Japanese whisky. Plenty of pros swear by Yamazaki.

3. Garnishes

Garnishes don't just contribute to the look of your cocktail; it also contributes to the overall smell and taste. First impressions count, and the right garnish can give our cocktails an attractive accessory that will make them taste even better. Next, we take a sniff! The right garnish will class up any drink; even a simple lemon peel over plain water gives you something way better than just ordinary H20. The garnish is more often than not what brings it all together. Don't forfeit this in the name of expediency.

4. Bitters

What are bitters? They are concentrated infusions of spices, dried fruit, citrus, bark, and other botanical agents that bring aroma and flavour to your drinks. They are the spices to your home cooked dishes. You will only be using one or two drops of bitters per drink as they are potent. There are hundreds of varieties available online, but we recommend sticking with the classics; one bottle of Angostura and one bottle of orange, from the maker of your choice. DIY-minded mixologists can also try making their own, which basically involves combining high-proof alcohol with botanicals of your choice and letting them infuse over time.

5. Basic tools

It doesn't take a deluxe set of barware to make amazing cocktails, but there are a few critical pieces you'll get a lot of mileage from. A graduated shot glass is good for measuring out all the ingredients, although scientific precision isn't expected. Cocktail shakers are a must. They're not only durable, but also enable you to make multiple drinks at one go. A bar spoon for stirring is a plus, though chopsticks will do in a pinch. If there's room in your freezer, chill your glassware before use for a frostier treat.

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