50 Gorgeous People 2014

We got them styled, got them shot, and we got them to selfie. Here are the 50 Gorgeous People 2014 who made the shortlist.

1. Get a copy of the November 2014 issue of Female, Singapore’s leading fashion magazine. Female, published by SPH Magazines, is available at all newsstands now.2. Check out more stories at Female online, www.femalemag.com.sg.

Also, check out the November 2014 issue for these stories: 1) ROOM SERVICE – It’s VIP shopping without the elitisms, and trunk shopping anytime you like. Welcome to the showroom shopping trend that local customers are digging. 2) STAR MEIN – New York-based Dr David Colbert – and his practical, less-is-more skincare approach – is the go-to dermatologist for Hollywood stars. 3) HEY RUDE BOY, HEY RUDE GIRL – The new fashion movement comes from Jamaica, with a look that’s a bit of punk + ska + preppy + Savile Row.