6 cafes in Malacca you need to visit

Whether it's for coffee, art, atmosphere or decor, don't do this Malaysian city without visiting these cafes.

Best for coffee: Calanthe Art Cafe

This is the first and only cafe in Malacca selling Malaysia 13 States' coffee. This means you get a menu that attacks all your senses, including the likes of Iced Blended Mocha Cookies to Cappo' Blast to Caffe Afogato, and in surroundings that epitomise the word 'quirky'. A space that's truly special, relax outside on the leafy veranda or nestle inside amongst the vintage TV's, shabby sofas and artwork adorning the walls. This spot is caffeine and cool a-go-go.

Jalan Hang Kasturi. Tel: +60 692 2960.

Best for ah mah fishcake: Jonker 88

From the queues outside Jonker 88, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Brad Pitt was out the back serving Malaysian fare in nothing but a tiny apron. But alas, no. What was causing the excitable line of people was fishcakes. At the rear of this cafe is traditional Malaysian fare including fish fillet noodle soup, fishball gravy noodles and fried shrimp dumplings. The place was packed with punters slurping down their meals - some were even standing up to get their fill. I recommend comfy footwear, a podcast, some patience and preparation for the fishiest time of your life.

88 Jalan Hang Jebat.

Best for ambience: The Baboon House

We can't show you exactly how brilliant this Malaccan must-see is because photography and technology is strictly prohibited - and this is exactly what makes this cafe so magical. You have to soak up this old ramshackel shophouse. You have to marvel at the garden growing inside. You have to squint to see the blue sky shining down on where a roof used to be. Most of all you stop, take notice of where you are, who you are, and what's going on when you're not sucked into a smartphone. It's calm, peaceful and gentle, transferring you to a world where conversation really was where it's at.

89, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock.

Best for escape: The Bridge Loft

In the olden days, Bridge Street used to be at the heart of naughty activities and Chinese theatre. Today it's all spruced up, but blink and you're likely to miss this cute cafe, despite it being the only one on the street. And that's what's so sweet about it. It's tiny, tranquil and the ideal spot if you want to spend an afternoon in serenity. If you have a row with the Hubs, this is where to come to. If your kids are driving you crazy, look no further than here. It's out-of-sight and comes with epic cheesecake. What more does a woman want?

No.5 & 16 Lorong Jambatan. Tel: +60 12 681 2719. www.thebridgeloft.com

Best for fresh juice: Limau Limau

Get your health-kick on at this fruity cafe selling every juice concoction available. Its extensive menu involves the likes of mango and banana, papaya and lychee and pineapple and passion fruit - basically, if it mixes up, it's yours. Limau Limau is decorated like an old New York bar downstairs, while upstairs boasts a laid back room with sofas and low slung coffee tables. A fantastic spot for resting for a few hours before cocktails later.

9 Jalan Hang Lekiu. Tel: + 60 12 609 9088.

Best for cendol: Jonker 86 QQ Ice

I never thought I'd be the kind of girl to get cravings for shaved ice, kidney beans, coconut milk and fruit all mixed together, but that is what happens when you visit Malacca. The best place to satiate such foodie-feelings is at QQ Ice which does amazing cendol, from the traditional, to durian, mango and jackfruit. Unpretentious and cheap, it makes you feel at home and like a tourist with happy stomach simultaneously. Don't miss it!

86 Jalan Hang Jebat. Tel: +60 16 788 6983.

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