7 must-visit spots to enjoy breakfast in Bandung

There's a vast array of breakfast options in Bandung. Local residents practice the saying of "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" and like to indulge in these seven local eateries, among others.

Warung Taru

Located on Jl. Ir. H. Juanda (Terminal Dago), this eatery is recognizable by its dominant, wood fa├žade, resembling a traditional Javanese Indonesian house.

Despite it calling itself a warung, which means food stall, the eatery is actually quite chic with wood furniture and vintage items adorning its interior. The view from the semi open dining area is also rather nice, overlooking the valley and houses below.

Warung Taru is also famous among cyclists as a rendezvous point before or after their regular cycle trips.

Open from 7 a.m., Warung Taru is particularly popular for its affordable yet tasty breakfast dishes such as nasi pincuk (mixed rice in mini portion and placed on banana leaf) for only Rp 6,000 (S$0.63) per portion; tempe mendoan (tempeh dish) for only Rp 12,000 per portion, tahu isi (fried tofu with vegetable filling) for Rp 10,000 per portion, and a beverage called rempah madu (spiced honey) for Rp 17,000.

Toko You

This restaurant is legendary because it is one of Bandung's old restaurants that has been thriving since 1947.

Its loyal customers come for its cozy lush ambiance in a semi-open sitting area, which is also designed with a traditional Indonesian style.

The strategic location in the Dago area at Jl. Sultan Hassanuddin No. 12 makes it favourable as a meet up place, contributing to the restaurant's everlasting existence.

At Toko You, visitors can find an array of food, along with the freshly prepared natural Indonesian traditional herbal drink of jamu.

Among the restaurant's famous and signature all-day menus are its bakso goreng (fried bakso) and noodle dish in yamin-style, a delicious choice for breakfast.

Bubur Ayam Mang Oyo

Indonesian-style chicken porridge is a favourite breakfast dish for locals and in Bandung, Mang Oyo (Uncle Oyo) has a cult following. It has many loyal die-hard customers and has been around for many decades.

You can find this restaurant in several locations in Bandung, with dishes starting at Rp 9,000.

Nasi Kuning Homan

Situated on a small street of Jl. Homan, next to the Savoy Homann Bidakara Hotel on Jl. Asia Afrika, a humble establishment opens every morning on a cart selling famous yellow rice and porridge dubbed nasi kuning Homan.

This particular stall has been around for more than 20 years.

Customers can opt for an array of side dishes to accompany their nasi kuning, such as hard-boiled egg, sliced omelet and tempeh. Whatever you pick, it usually costs below Rp 20,000 per plate.

Come early before midday because this stall is only open in the morning.

Lontong Kari Kebun Karet

In 1966, a couple named Etty and Engkos Kosasih founded a stall in the small alley of Kebon Karet at Jl. Otto Iskandar Dinata 11, Kebon Kawung.

Since it opened, the stall has served its lontong kari dish (chicken curry with rice cake served with egg and crackers), which is really famous and has even lead to Kebon Karet being a key feature of Bandung's culinary world, closely associated with the curry dish.

Despite its location in a small alley, the eatery is very clean and is ready to serve its customers daily starting from 7 a.m.

Kupat Tahu Gempol

The breakfast crowd on Jl. Gempol choose to have Ibu Yayah's kupat tahu for their morning meal.

The stall is humble, but its morning customers are usually well heeled.

Kupat tahu is a combination of ketupat or rice cakes, fried tofu and vegetables - usually bean sprouts - with peanut sauce, petis (shrimp paste) soup or vegetable soup.

Kupat Tahu Gempol on Jl. Gempol opens from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Kupat Tahu Putri

Selling similar dishes, Kupat Tahu Putri on Jl. Halimun offers a different take on sauce using shrimp paste with two optional sauces: one with shrimp paste soup, and the other with a vegetable and coconut milk broth.

This kupat tahu stall, which has been around since the 1980s, opens daily from 7 a.m.