$8 for this nasi lemak - and there's not a shred of meat anywhere

Stomp contributor Zoe was appalled to be charged $8 for this plate of nasi lemak.

According to the Stomp contributor, the food was bought at VivoCity's Food Republic.

The Stomp contributor wrote:

"This is a plate of nasi lemak bought at Vivo City's Food Republic food court, at Chong Pang Nasi Lemak food stall.

"I ordered three dishes and rice as shown in the picture. I was charged EIGHT DOLLARS for this! I think this price is very unreasonable and felt cheated.

"These 3 dishes I bought are non-meat and should cost cheap.

"Since this is a food court I was prepared to pay a maximum of $5. But charging me $8 is too much.

"I will never patronize this stall again. Instead I will go to Chong Pang City at Yishun to eat the 'authentic' Chong Pang Nasi lemak which is far more cheaper and affordable."

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