8 organising essentials for a beautiful kitchen

8 organising essentials for a beautiful kitchen

It doesn't matter if your theme is Scandinavian or industrial - if your home is a mess, there is no way it will look good. Make sure your kitchen is organised and clean with these essentials:

1. Elegant-looking kitchenware

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Make sure your kitchenware doubles as a decorative item by investing in classy, elegant-looking pottery.

2. Condiments organiser

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You don't want to use salt in your coffee, so it's recommended to store it in a totally different container so that you don't confuse it with sugar. A salt and pepper set is a must in your kitchen.


3. Jars with tight lids

In humid conditions like Singapore's, food spoils faster than other climates so it's very important that your food is kept in airtight jars.


4. Microwaveable containers

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Washing up can be a nightmare so invest in microwaveable storage so that you don't have to go through the trouble of shifting your food around.


5. Stackable containers

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To save on space, look for containers that can be stacked on top of one another.


6. Automatic bins

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When it comes to creating an organised kitchen, perhaps the most important item to invest in is the trash bin. You'll want a functional hands-free bin that is large enough for you to easily dispose of any trash immediately so they don't lie around, and in turn, attract any creepy crawlies!

7. Glass bottles

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Why settle for the regular plastic jug for your water container? For a special rustic touch, go for glass bottles-make sure they are dishwasher-safe, though!


8. Food covers

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Keep flies out by getting a food cover - a great way to keep your food fresh and dirt-free.

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