80% of cellphone users in Taiwan are afraid to shop through mobile

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Nearly 80 per cent of people have never tried using mobile applications to shop online for fear that their personal information might be compromised, according to a survey released by the Taiwan Digital Convergence Development Association (DCDA).

According to the DCDA, over 60 per cent of people use smartphones or tablets, with the most common brand being Samsung, at about 27 per cent of the market share. This is the second year in a row that Samsung topped the ranking of market share.

The DCDA's survey also showed that HTC took second place in the ranking at nearly 26 per cent, while Apple iPhone took third place with about 19 per cent of market share.

Even though Sony comes in at the fourth place in the ranking with over 13 per cent of the market share, the DCDA said, Sony is the brand that has the largest growth rate. Blackberry and Asus smartphones are about 5 per cent each, the DCDA said. For tablets, Apple's iPad topped the ranking with a market share of nearly 47 per cent.

The survey also showed that only 16 per cent of people use mobile applications to shop online, and nearly 30 per cent do not use mobile applications to shop due to data privacy concerns.

Samsung Taiwan said that they appreciated consumers' support in Taiwan, and that the company will continue to develop more products based on consumers' needs.

Chan Yi-chien, associate professor of Fu Jen Catholic University's Department of Electrical Engineering, said that most people only use some common mobile applications like messaging applications, Facebook and cameras, which is consistent with consumer behaviour in other countries.

Chan said that unless mobile application engineers can develop more creative and useful applications, most applications will not be utilized often by smartphone users.

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