Four child corpses found buried under Chinese bridge

Four corpses of children were found buried under a bridge in Yancheng of Jiangsu Province, China.

Three of these bodies were stumbled upon when a police were digging under the bridge in Xiangshui county in search of a 4-year-old girl.

Sun Rongrong had earlier called the police to report death of his daughter, Sun Jier.

ChinaHush reported that Mr Sun had gone to the county to visit his daughter who was staying with her mother, his estranged wife.

When he reached the house on January 28, his estranged wife, Wu Weiwei, told him that Sun Jier had died a week earlier.

Refusing to let him see Sun Jier's body, Wu claimed she did not know how their daughter had died.

Mr Sun reported the matter to the police.

Investigations showed that Wu had paid Xiangshui Hospital 600 Yuan (S$118) to dispose of the girl's body by burying it under the Yulang Bridge.

While the police were digging under the bridge for Sun Jier's body, they found three other child bodies.

Sun Jier's body was eventually found and investigations showed the girl was beaten to death by her mother's boyfriend, Sun Hailang.

He was arrested and confessed to kicking the child's stomach and back. The injuries she suffered eventually killed her.

Hailang said that he kicked the girl because she kept crying as her mother got ready for work and did not stop even after Wu left for work.

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