Police seize 880 dogs from suspected smugglers

Police yesterday seized 630 dogs discovered in a warehouse in Mukdahan's Wan Yai district and another 250 dogs found in cages left in a wooded area of Muang district. The dogs are believed to have been destined for dinner tables in a neighbouring country.

Following an 8am tip-off that dogs' wails could be heard coming from the warehouse, located on the Mekong riverbank in Tambon Wan Noi, police found 42 cages, each containing 15 to 20 dogs. They suspected dog smugglers were keeping them there for transport across the Mekong River.

Following a tip-off that caged dogs had been abandoned in a wooded area in Ban Soon Mai, police and Mukdahan veterinarian Narong Rattanatraiwong went to investigate and found 11 cages, each containing 10-15 dogs, scattered in the woods.

It is believed that after being alerted to the warehouse seizures, dog smugglers changed their route but ran into a dead-end and abandoned the cages before fleeing. Mukdahan officials, having no facilities to support the dogs, sent them to a centre in Buri Ram.

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