He keeps son's dead body in freezer for 6 years

Mr Tian Xueming still visits his son's body which has been kept in a freezer. He says it helps him deal with problems.

The father has been so devoted to his son that he didn't want to let him go even after his death.

Mr Tian Xueming, a 60-year-old carpenter, who lives in Huangling village in the Chinese county of Chongqing, has been keeping his 18-year-old son's body in a chest freezer for the last six years.

The reason: It makes him feel that "he has never left".

He said: "When my wife and I want to talk to him we can just pull up some chairs, lift the lid and chat to him as if he had never been taken from us."

He has even set up back-up generators to keep the freezer running as the place has frequent power cuts.

He has rejected all requests to move his son to a family tomb, the Daily Mail reported.

Mr Tian was already shattered when he lost his daughter who died suddenly at the age of 15.

When they discovered that their son, Qinyuan, had leukaemia he and his wife were devastated. For the couple, their son was the only thing which kept them going, the report said.

Said Mr Tian: "After the death of my daughter, I gave up my job so I could spend more time with my wife and son. My son was the only thing that was keeping us going."

He said his son was a good student and had just started college. But they soon learnt that he was seriously ill.

Said the distraught father: "After tests, we found out he had leukaemia, and that there was nothing more that could be done to save him.

"We were devastated. We visited many doctors but there was nothing else we could do. I just prayed we would not lose him."

Mr Tian said he consulted his wife about keeping his son in a freezer. She also felt it was a good idea.

Initially, he said, not many people knew about it, but soon the news spread, China.org.cn quoted him as saying.

"People have tried to persuade us to bury Qinyuan but I always say no.

"Anyway, I can see my son whenever I miss him. I know I was wrong... but I have lost both of my children. No one could ever understand my suffering."

The couple said they still visit their son's body, which they say helps them deal with their problems.

"When the time is right we will give him the most dignified burial and have a celebration of his life, and invite everyone to pay there respects to him.

"But not now."

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