86 suspected drug traffickers, abusers nabbed in CNB raids
Thu, May 15, 2008
The Straits Times

EIGHTY-SIX suspected drug offenders were arrested in an islandwide anti-drug operation carried by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) on Monday.

They included 13 suspected drug traffickers, 67 drug abusers and six inhalant abusers. Drugs worth over $73,000 were also seized.

Four of the suspects - a drug trafficker and three abusers - were nabbed at Block 51, Chin Swee Road on Tuesday.

In a follow-up search, CNB officers found 28.81 grams of heroin belonging to the 62-year-old trafficker in a black box which was attached to a bicycle.

Another 1.8g of heroin were seized from two suspected abusers. Three more suspected abusers were later caught in the vicinity. In another arrest, CNB was tipped off that a drug trafficker was abusing drugs in his flat.

CNB officers raided his place at Block 26 Cassis Crescent and detained him. They found one packet and five straws of heroin, and one straw of 'Ice'.

Shortly after, the officers spotted another suspected trafficker behaving suspiciously at the staircase of the block and got the 46-year-old man who put up a violent struggle.

They seized 56g of heroin and 0.15 gm of 'Ice' from both suspects.

CNB said it will continue with its vigorous enforcement action against illicit drug activities.


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