Thousands of porn clips feature Malays
Thu, May 15, 2008
The Star

HARIAN Metro front-paged a story on a student with two men in an oil palm estate as being among the 4,000 video clips and photographs of Malay couples in various sexual acts, which can be accessed from various pornographic websites.

The tabloid said the clips featuring women wearing tudung (headscarf) and students had become the craze among pornographic website surfers including children and have caused worry among parents.

The images can also be downloaded to handphones making it easier to be distributed.

Following the finding of such websites, the Negri Sembilan Umno Youth has set up a team to monitor the existence of the websites and gather information for the authorities to take immediate action before the situation got worse.

Its chief Datuk Jamlus Aziz said teenagers, especially students, got involved because they lacked religious guidance.

He urged the authorities responsible for monitoring the Internet to block such websites.


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