Eleven killed in Alabama shooting spree
Wed, Mar 11, 2009

A gunman in the southern state of Alabama killed at least ten people in a shooting rampage before turning the gun fatally on himself, local authorities and state police said. Skip related content

Police have not released the name of the shooter nor have they said what the motive for the Tuesday killings may have been.

Authorities began to uncover the grisly aftermath of the gunman's rage late Tuesday afternoon, when four adults and a child were found shot dead inside a residence in the town of Samson, the Alabama Department of Public Safety said in a statement.

The victims included the wife of a Geneva County sheriff's deputy and a year-old child, according to local news reports. Another young child is reportedly hospitalized with gunshot injuries.

The shooter moved on to a second home and shot and killed another adult, then a third home and killed another adult, police said.

"It is believed the gunman left that location, travelling on Alabama route 52 where he shot at a state trooper's vehicle, striking the vehicle seven times and slightly wounding the trooper due to broken glass," it said.

The shooter pulled over on the road at Samson Pipe and Supply where he shot and killed a person, then shot dead yet another victim at a service station.

Sirens wailing, police chased the shooter to Reliable Metal Products, a local business located just north of the city of Geneva that makes parts for heating and air condition units, "where he fired an estimated 30-round burst.

"One bullet grazed the Geneva Police chief, who was saved from serious injury by his bullet-proof vest," the DPS statement read.

"The subject entered the business. Within minutes, shots were heard from within Reliable Metal, and law enforcement officers found him dead from what are believed to be self-inflicted gunshots."

Local television WEAR 3 News reported that the shooter had worked in the past at Reliable Metal, though it was unclear when or if he had been fired or laid off.

"This is a very complicated investigation that is unfolding," the Alabama DPS said.

Late Tuesday police also linked a fire at a Samson home to the shooter. One adult died in the blaze.

Much of the downtown area of Sampson, population 2,000, was cordoned off overnight as several police agencies investigated the shootings.

Police trooper Kevin Cook, spokesman for Alabama state troopers, told reporters the gunman used a semi-automatic weapon, but gave no further details.

Alabama Bureau of Investigation officials told reporters they were conducting investigations at six crime scenes, including the home that was set ablaze.

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