Vacation sparks off Paro crime wave
Thu, Dec 10, 2009
Kuensel Online/Asia News Network

By Kinga Dema

With the start of winter vacation, a spate of burglary, larceny, drug abuse, and battery cases involving students have been reported in Paro, according to police there.

A total of 19 students were arrested by Paro police in November, most of whom were repeat offenders. Other crimes committed by the students are malicious mischief, auto-stripping, unlicensed driving and vehicle accidents, said police.

A series of burglaries were reported at Bondey town, Paro, for four consecutive days. On November 27, a bicycle was stolen and on the next day two shops were burgled. On November 29 and 30, two shops were ransacked and a case of auto stripping was reported.

"They land up into such activities either under the influence of alcohol or drugs and peer pressure, with most of them without proper guidance and monitoring of parents," said police. One of the offenders told police that he has not visited his parents for the past three days.

On November 30, an elderly man, who was known for supplying controlled substances, was arrested after police received a tip-off from an informer. Along with a bag of processed marijuana, police recovered stolen items from his house that were left there by some students aged between 10-20 years.

They were later identified and arrested by police. Two of them were arrested after their parents and guardians were informed. The 10 year-old had to be released, as he was a juvenile.

Juveniles coming in conflict with law are becoming increasingly difficult to manage, according to police, as they can neither be prosecuted nor convicted owing to their juvenility status. "Repetitive offence is committed, taking advantage of their age and degree of offence, but they can be prosecuted owing to the fact of their nature of crime," said police.




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