Man sent to the gallows for exorcism death
Tue, Jun 29, 2010
New Straits Times

KUALA LUMPUR: Toddler Nur Farah Adila Ridzuan was strangled, had her head slammed against the wall and was thrown violently onto a thin mattress as part of an exorcism ritual.

The exorcism was conducted by her mother's boyfriend in his house and in his car several times as "the spirit had refused to get out of the girl's body".

The family of Davender Singh, who received the death penalty for killing his lover's child in violent exorcism, leaving the High Court after sentence was pronounced yesterday. Photo: NST

Nur Farah, 3, suffered internal injuries and succumbed to them on June 30, 2005. Her death was classified as murder and her mother's boyfriend, Davender Singh, 49, was charged with murder.

And yesterday, after a trial which lasted more than two years, Davender was sentenced to death.

He was found guilty of murdering Nur Farah at his house in Jalan Ampang Mewah in Ampang between June 16 and July 1, 2005.

In his judgment, judge Datuk Ghazali Cha said it was impossible for Davender not to realise that his actions would cost Nur Farah her life.

"Based on the post-mortem report, it can be concluded that the injuries suffered by the victim were caused by Davender's actions," he said.

"Her liver was torn, ribs were broken, there was bleeding in her pancreas and she had also suffered lung infection."

He added that the evidence given by Nur Farah's mother, Noriahanim Udin, was credible as she had no previous motive or grudge against Davender.

Noriahanim, who was a former guest relations officer, had testified that Davender told her that Nur Farah was under a spell that had been cast by her former husband.

Davender had also told Noriahanim that he could heal Nur Farah.

She testified that during the exorcism rituals, she was not allowed to be near her daughter as Davender had alleged that the evil spirit would leave the girl and possess the mother.

She had also told the court that during the exorcism sessions in his house, she saw Davender slam Nur Farah onto a thin mattress and press her chest several times.

Davender had testified that Noriahanim owed him lots of money.

"He also testified that he had never asked her to return the money. They also had a sexual relationship although he was married," Ghazali said, adding that the accused had denied that he had conducted the healing sessions.

Ghazali said he found that the testimonies of the three defence witnesses had failed to raise any reasonable doubt against the charge.

Davender, a father of two, was charged on July 26, 2005. Nine prosecution witnesses took the stand when trial began on April 14, 2008.

Soon after sentence was passed, Davender's 19-year-old daughter started to cry loudly.

When the proceedings ended, Davender hugged his daughter, wife and other family members before he was led away.

His daughter cried out repeatedly: "Papa, don't go."

Deputy public prosecutor Mabel Muttiah prosecuted.

Counsel Jesvinderjit Singh and K. Balaguru represented Davender.

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