Croupier suspected of taking $111,400 from RWS
Wed, Dec 01, 2010

SINGAPORE - After being charged with theft of a $500 cash chip from her employer, Resorts World Sentosa, 30-year-old Chiu Yee Fong is now accused of misappropriating chips worth a total of S$111,400.

The Taiwanese national was a former croupier at the casino, when she allegedly converted $111,400 cash chips for her own use between September 28 and November 7 this year.

The Straits Times further reported that her former charges of theft have now been changed to criminal breach of trust.

A psychiatric examination revealed Chiu fit to plead and the prosecution has called for the case to be adjourned pending investigations.

The court has set bail at $200,000 for the former croupier who is due in court on December 13.






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