Residents help apprehend loanshark harasser

SINGAPORE - Three residents from Bedok North Road aided in the arrest of a 45-year-old suspected of loansharking activities.

On July 3, a 58-year-old woman, who was in her flat smelled thinner along her corridor.

She then investigated the source of ordour, and saw a man writing on the wall of the staircase landing.

She immediately alerted the police and her neighbours, a man in his twenties and another in his thirties.

Together, the two men sprung into action and detained the suspect for the police, who arrived shortly.

The officers found loanshark-related paraphernalia such as markers, paint, thinner and a cell phone with debtors' records in his possession.

The suspect faces a fine of between $5,000 to $50,000 with mandatory imprisonment of up to five years and mandatory caning of up to six strokes.

Meanwhile, the Commander of Bedok Police Division, Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police, Teo Chun Ching, pointed out "that community involvement and partnership with the police is the way to fighting crime."