Quan Yifeng's lawyer calls for probation report

Television host Quan Yifeng's lawyer urged the court on Monday to call for a probation report, after the former pleaded guilty to a charge of mischief by pulling out a taxi fare meter and spilling water on a receipt printer after getting into an argument with a cab driver.

This incident, which happened on Jun 26, 2010, had caused damage of about $70.

The Straits Times reported that her lawyer Subhas Anandan said Quan was suffering from depression, and as a result of her mental condition, reacted to the actions of the cabby that made her deeply remorseful.

The 37-year-old local TV personality had been travelling by cab with her 11-year-old daughter and personal assistant to Changi Airport to board a flight to Mauritius for filming. The scuffle that resulted occurred along the junction of Upper East Coast Road and Bedok South Ave 1.

The court heard that she had been unhappy with taxi driver Chan Swee Kong, 52, who had refused to help load her luggage into the car boot.

She also later commented that he did not seem to know the way to the airport, as he asked her assistant for directions after picking Quan and her daughter up at their condominium.

When Mr Chan was driving along towards the junction of Upper East Coast Road and Bedok South Avenue 1, he made an emergency brake to avoid hitting a vehicle in front, causing Quan and her daughter to be thrown forward and hitting the back of the front seats.

Quan then got into the driver's seat and rummaged through Mr Chan's belongings, strewing them on the front seat and the flooboard of the taxi. She also pulled out the taxi fare meter and spilled water.

Two other charges of mischief and using criminal force will be taken into consideration when she is sentenced on Dec 29, pending a probation report.