Foreigners fling chairs at Immigration officers during raid

Subdued: The foreigners being taken away by Immigration officers in Malacca yesterday.

MALACCA - Two foreigners turned ag­gressive and fought with Immi­gration officers during a 6P programme enforcement operation.

"They flung a chair at an officer who suffered injuries to his ribs, knee and wrist.

"Both men tried to run but were detained after a chase," state Immi­gration director Kamalludin Ismail said here yesterday.

The scuffle took place on Thursday night after officers approached them at a restaurant near the Kota Laksa­mana Flats.

Another two men, he said, were shocked to see the officers at another restaurant and tried to escape.

"During the chase, one hit the wall and injured his head.

"Few of the officers were also injured," he said, adding that a Proton Saga was also seized during the operation.

Kamalludin said the suspects, aged between 21 and 51, would be sent to the detention depot in Machap Umboo in Alor Gajah pending further investigation.

Six Nigerians and a South African were arrested for not having valid permits following a tip-off and a day-long observation at the areas.

Code-named Ops Gagak Hitam, the operation was carried out around Kota Laksamana Flats and near Fajar emporium at Jalan Tun Ali from 8.30pm on Thursday.

It involved 16 enforcement officers and was led by state deputy Immigration director Yusuf Hashim.

He said in 76 raids from Nov 20 until Thursday, 225 people had been detained, of whom six of them were the employers.