Judge cuts sentence for castration attempt

A Vietnamese woman yesterday was sentenced to one year imprisonment, but with two year-probation, for attempting to castrating his boyfriend, but was put on probation for three years, according to a ruling made yesterday by the Chiayi District Court.

The castration case sparked hot discussion among residents in Chiayi County, southern Taiwan, soon after it occurred in mid-October last year.

The Vietnamese woman, surnamed Pan, was accused of using sharp scissors to cut off part of the penis of her boyfriend surnamed Wong, to vent her anger at Wong having a new girlfriend.

Pan gave birth to a baby girl for Wong after living together for one year, but Wong kept fooling around and frequently asked for money from her.

Later on, Pan learnt that Wong made a new girlfriend, and they quarreled fiercely over the matter for quite a few times. Pan warned Wong to behave himself, otherwise she would cut off his genitals; but Wong didn't respond positively.

On the night of Oct 14, 2011, Pan told prosecution authorities that she used scissors to cut short Wong's penis when fell asleep after taking sleeping pills.

Then Pan threw the cut of Wong's penis into the Bajhang River bordering the Chiayi County and Tainan City, southern Taiwan, and then surrender herself to a police precinct in Yenshui District of Tainan City.

But after receiving a surgical operation, Wong's genitals can function normally with a shortened penis, and will have the function of impregnation after undergoing further operation.

Accordingly, judges at the Chiayi District Court ruled that the bodily harm done by Pan to Wong had yet to reach a grievous level.

In addition, Wong asked court judges to grant Pan a chance for amending herself, saying that he himself was to blame for the castration case.

After weighing the above-mentioned factors, the Chiayi District Court ruled to have Pan face a jail term of one year and two months, but put her on a probation for three years.