Malaysian trader held for having fake Indian currency

AN Indian businessman from Malaysia is under remand in Chennai after police found counterfeit Indian currency worth thousands of rupees in his possession.

Tamil Nesan in a front-page report said the 45-year-old catering business operator based in Sungei Petani, Kedah was arrested last month while on tour in Tamil Nadu.

Police said that the man was arrested in Mangalamedu, about 300km from Chennai on Dec 6 after he gave a fake 500 Indian rupee note (S$13) to a toll plaza operator.

He had 24 pieces of fake 500 Indian rupees worth Rs12,000 with him.

Police said that the businessman had arrived in Chennai, along with 10 other Malaysian tourists, but was alone with his driver when he was arrested.

He claimed to have changed RM1,875 of Malaysian currency for Rs30,000 at a bank at the KL International Airport before departing for Chennai.