Malaysian band member shocked to find robbers at his home

PETALING JAYA - A drummer with a popular local band was shocked to find four robbers when he came home to his double-storey house here.

The robbers immediately tied him and put him with the rest of his family in room before continuing to ransack the house in Kota Damansara.

They also obliged his pleas and returned his Mykad and credit cards after taking his cash and handphone.

"However, they threatened to kill me if I tried to fight back," said the drummer, who wished to remain anonymous.

He said although he had noticed the main door unlocked, he continued to walk into the house at 3.40am yesterday.

"I thought my grandmother had come to stay over for the day, and that the noise was my parents conversing with her.

"By the time I reached the stairs to go up, there were two men, dressed in black, walking down. I could do nothing," he said.

He described the robbers as small in stature. "Their faces were covered by ski-masks and they carried steel rods, wooden sticks and wires."

He told them to take what they wanted but to leave him and his family unharmed.

They had beaten up his older brother who had put up a struggle earlier.

"My brother now has a bruised lip and has bruises all over his body," he said.

"We lost laptops, iPads, cash, diamond rings, jewellery and other valuables. They kept demanding wang (money) and emas (gold), and asked if we had a peti besi (safe box)," he said.

The drummer called the police after the robbers left.

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