He made millions fixing 33 games in 2 years

Lazio's Francelino Matuzalem celebrating a goal with his teammates during the match between Lecce and Lazio in April this year. A match between the two teams on May 22, 2011, was found to have been rigged; (insert) Dan Tan Seet Eng.

He's the "leader" and "organiser" of a global match-fixing syndicate that has plagued Italian football.

That's how Italian court papers describe Singaporean Dan Tan Seet Eng, 47, in an ongoing investigation into match-rigging.

The New Paper obtained the latest edition of the Cremona investigation papers, which chronicle Tan's alleged involvement in the rigging of 33 matches in Italy's top two leagues, Serie A and Serie B, over the last two years.

For the first time, the syndicate's operations in Italy have been described in great detail, following the money trail from Tan and his accomplices to the players and officials who fixed the games.

As much as two million euros ($3.2million) was bet on one of the rigged matches through the use of Asian betting websites.

Tan first came to prominence when a German magazine described him as the financier of a syndicate which counted fellow Singaporean Wilson Raj Perumal as a member.

TNP understands that security officials from world football governing body Fifa have been tracking Tan's operations around the world for some time.

Described by Fifa's former head of security, Mr Chris Eaton, as the most significant match-fixing investigation in the sport, Operation Last Bet has implicated high-profile figures in Italian football.

Two former Italian internationals, Lazio idol Giuseppe Signori and ex-Atalanta player Cristiano Doni, have been incriminated in the scandal.

Last month, in the latest round of the ongoing operation, the residence of Antonio Conte, manager of Serie A champions Juventus, was searched. And Azzurri left-back Domenico Criscito was left out of Italy's Euro 2012 squad.

But the biggest fish in the kelong investigation - Tan - has yet to be reeled in.

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