According to the documents, the company allegedly received money transferred from Raffles Money Change from Tan and his associates in two tranches - 289,905 euros in November 2010 and 434,905 euros in March last year.

The monies were illegal betting profits from the manipulation of matches, particularly the game between Brescia and Lecce played on Feb 27 last year.

In an attempt to "clean up" the funds to prevent the detection of their movement and the beneficiaries, the money was redirected to the personal accounts of Italian syndicate members, who served as recruiters of, and liaison for, corrupt players.

Serie A game

Of all the fixes and attempted fixes chronicled in the Cremona investigation papers, one stands out for its importance and vivid detail of Tan's alleged match-rigging processes.

The match in question was a Serie A fixture on May 22 last year, in which Lazio beat Lecce 4-2.

An hour before the match kicked off, Tan is alleged to have spoken to and exchanged text messages with others in the syndicate, before a total of 600,000 euros was paid out to the complicit players to carry out the fix.

Half of this sum came from Tan, the syndicate's chief financier, and the other half from a group within the organisation called the Hungarians.

With the fix in place, Tan bet two million euros on Asian betting websites that the match would have four or more goals.

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