Although his exact winnings are not known, it is certainly in the millions.

The court papers reveal that one afternoon in May, after the successful fixing of the Lazio-Lecce match, members of the syndicate felt that "they had arrived at the top", having manipulated an Italian Serie A match "under the leadership of Boss (Tan)".

TNP understands that despite the Interpol arrest warrant, Tan remains at large.

A Singapore police spokesman said they are working with the Italian authorities, but declined to elaborate.

TNP made several unsuccessful attempts last week to speak to Tan at his home or on the phone.

In an interview with TNP last August, Tan admitted to knowing Wilson Raj, albeit not personally, and that his involvement in Exclusive Sports came about through a friend who asked him to invest in the company.

Exclusive Sports is a company said to have been used as a front for match-fixing.

He said: "Maybe Wilson or Exclusive Sports was not happy with me for pulling out of the venture. Maybe that's why he had named me to investigators."

However, the Cremona investigation papers reveal that at the time of his arrest in Finland, Wilson Raj was with three Hungarians - Zoltan Kenesei, Latzslo Schultz and Balazs Polyak.

Kenesei and Schultz have now been implicated in the Cremona investigation, with Kenesei described as an executive member of Tan's syndicate and the head of the Hungarians.

So, notwithstanding Tan's protestations of innocence, this latest revelation seems to indicate his clear links to Wilson Raj.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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