Ob-gyn arrested for disposing of patient's body

Seoul police on Friday arrested an obstetrician-gynecologist on charges that he killed a patient and disposed of her body.

The suspect, a 45-year-old man identified by his surname Kim, is accused of accidentally killing a 30-year-old female patient Lee on Tuesday while trying to anesthetize her, telling her it was a "nutritional supplement."

He said he had injected her with midazolam, a drug that induces sedation.

Police said Kim then discarded the corpse at a parking lot near the Han River.

His wife is suspected of helping him flee the scene.

The suspect confessed that he and Lee had been involved in an "inappropriate relationship" since last year, when Lee had surgery at his hospital.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office said it had issued an arrest warrant because "there was significant danger that the suspect might destroy relevant evidence."

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