Law prof rapped for wasting court's time

LAW professor Tey Tsun Hang was ticked off by the judge yesterday for wasting the court's time.

Tey said at the start of yesterday's proceedings that he is applying for a court order to get the information from the National University of Singapore (NUS) which he had sought last August.

But several hours later, it emerged that he had already received 15 out of the 44 pieces of evidence he was asking for - last September.

This prompted an irritated Chief District Judge Tan Siong Thye to say: "Prof Tey, you have wasted considerable time this morning."

Tey replied: "I am afraid I have to extend my humble apology."

Like on Thursday, Tey changed into lawyer's robes when he was in court. But instead of the easel he used then, he had with him a black music stand for his documents. He looked annoyed at times, but was calmer than on the first day of trial.

Soon after the case resumed, he told the court that he had filed a criminal motion against NUS last year to request information.

Among other things, he wanted the grades and rankings of former law students who had been involved in the investigations.

The motion was heard last September but dismissed by Justice Quentin Loh, who said Tey could apply to the trial judge for this.

When Tey revisited this matter yesterday, Chief District Judge Tan adjourned the court for the parties to discuss each of the 44 items of evidence on Tey's list.

When court resumed an hour later, no resolution had been reached. The court then started a laborious process of discussing each of the items.

Three hours later, at the midpoint of the list, it emerged that about one-third of the items had already been given to Tey last September.

The prosecution was also not spared blame on this matter.

"You are wasting unnecessary time which could easily be resolved if both parties had done some talking," said Chief District Judge Tan.

Besides the 15 items that Tey had received, the judge approved seven others. The rest were either rejected or dropped by Tey.

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